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Where JG is headed as of 10/2017

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Posted 23 October 2017 - 07:21 AM

Hello to all my users - you are all much appreciated and I am glad all of you like my Calculator.
I wanted to update you all on what is going on, where the program is heading, and the plans for it.
When I made JG originally it was meant to be a very simple copy of eJuiceMeUp that had some tweaks I wanted in it, but it blossomed into more and has become a very big and complex program.
The current 3.3.x branch will continue receiving fixes only as necessary, no new features will be introduced for the time being. I intend to release 3.3.6 in the next few days or next week or two. This will fix several of the recent reported issues.  However, I am still tackling a problem with the DragDrop crash on some systems - this is related to a library the program uses (not my code) doing something funny I have been unable to track down for the most part. Certain fixes I implemented in 3.3.5 for that have broken several features, so I will be reverting a change made but at the same time may bring back the error. I will make a new post with details if you need these fixes to stop it when 3.3.6 is released.
For 3.5, I will be working on several of the requested improvements and eliminating the DragDrop problem for good hopefully, including some Internationalization which will allow users who are outside of the USA and use different currencies and number formats to use the program like any other, instead of having to use US format numbers and decimal types. I don't know if this will work out or not, the program may have to stay USA format only. 
However, this will likely take ALOT of work, and may take up to a year or more to go thru what needs testing. So don't expect anything new for awhile, but that doesn't mean I'm not working on the program.
In 4.0 and beyond, I will be upgrading Inventory with new fields requested, some visual tweaks, etc.
The Commercial Addin will become integrated and will no longer be seperate, and can be enabled by a simple keycode instead of having to download the addon.
Please bear in mind that I am the only one working on the program, and it is when I can find time after my day job and life's usual stuff. If you have VB.NET skills and would like to contribute, please do let me know. Also, suggestions are always entertained so please keep them coming!
Thank you for all your support!

Chris Formeister

Juice Grinder Author


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